How does SEO really work?

The latest SEO tricks for 2020

Watching a short video for many people is the best decision to fill a forced pause on the road, in line. Interestingly, 92% of mobile users share what they like with friends.

  • Is SEO Dead?

    No, SEO is not dead, This is an occasion to study the fundamentals of production and its promotion, to master video content promotion programs, to master image editing and image adjustment programs.

  • Why SEO?

    By the way, such videos are watched with the sound turned off, so it is worth considering the credits. It is also worth taking care of the correct name, description and meta tags - they should be visible, understandable to search engines.

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Do you study artificial intelligence and the elements of virtual reality in product promotion? Or maybe transform the content under the criteria of sound search and replace publications with videos? These are undoubtedly promising trends that set the vector for development.

How to do Internet Marketing without focusing to much on SEO?

Facebook remains the undisputed leader. So in January 2018, Mark Zuckerberg said that in the feed now will be priority displays of publications of friends and relatives, however, this was originally intended. This of course will have an impact on the reach of business posts, it will now be more difficult for them to attract and retain an audience. Such changes should be expected very soon, but this is not the main thing in our case, because there are several more important changes.

news feed

So in 2017, a social network introduced an algorithm that is responsible for the principles of ranking video in a news feed.